tornado in toronto

oh my god a flood! get an ark

calamity collapse -- oh the horror!


fear my uncle the camel

my uncle is a nutbag, a mixed bag, salty and sweet, a real indian treat

when i see his smiling face i am overwhelmed with his grace

his son krishan sharma is my protege -- i taught him how to speak


fences keep the bastards out

i think fences are good because it keeps us safe from terrorism and that is a good thing because terrorism hurts kindly and elderly ppl


a fun intro

well ive had a lot of people asking me

'who are you?'

'what gives you the right?'

'why are you interfering you sob?'

well maybe not all of it, and some of it might be due to my lifestyle

in any case, FRIENDS, here is an intro!


mentors4profit.com is awesome!

Hey guys, this is Bret littlefield, I love all the comments and Vlogs.
kepe it Up..

I wanted to Extend a Challenge.... I will Pay $1,000.00 for the best
Vlog about my new site http://mentors4profit.com

Make it fun, make it like an commercial, but Make it REAL...

We will post the VLOG on a New site I will put up for it. and My
members will judge.

So All wanting in Just send me a Note bret@... and Tell me you
want in, and Get to Vlogging....

until then,

Bret littlefield

ps. Keep up the Good Work.....

Bret Littlefield & Associates inc.

Oh Bret! Count me in! HERE's my entry for the $1,000.00!!!!!

See the moron's post.
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